Ah, someone after mine own heart. The website has small samplings for simplicity’s sake. If you want to delve into the depths, check out my Facebook page. Photos are organized into albums based on category. You can see the rest here.


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My style is whatever a situation calls for. 99% of the wedding is done in a photojournalistic style since it’s the most natural way to document and view a wedding. When it comes time for your bride & groom session, I’ll switch to a mix of editorial, fashion, and photojournalistic styles - if you don’t know what any of this means, don’t sweat it. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the best of you and your wedding day.


I also have a lot of lighting tricks up my sleeve. I’ll use natural and studio lights and a mix of both, whatever fits the location and ambient lighting situation, or I’ll design a scene based on the look I’m going for.


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Photos are delivered through a digital download gallery. This is a gallery where you can download the high resolution photos with no watermarks. You’ll receive a password so you can download all of ‘em for free. Don’t worry, these galleries aren’t searchable on google, and last names are never used.


The gallery is divided into mini events so that you can quickly and easily find the photos you’re looking for without scrolling through hundreds of photos. Easy sharing buttons allow you to quickly post to social media.


The bride gets some admin privileges that allow her to hide any photos she doesn’t want others to see. These admin privileges will also allow her to choose and label photos for the album.


A nice little bonus is that this gallery doubles as a print store where you or your guests can order any size print up to 24x36. You control the cropping and credit cards are accepted, so you don’t have to be bogged down with photo requests from family and friends who want a print or two. Just send them the link and save the Advil for another day.


The best part of this gallery is that it looks and behaves the same on any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


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I never count as I go along, and I don’t guarantee a certain amount. On the average wedding day, I’ll deliver between 600 - 800 photos including stylized versions. The rest are test shots, blinky faces, repetitive photos, unflattering candids, and misfires. I go through your entire wedding, and pull out the best of the best, so you don’t have to suffer any mediocre photos.


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Retouching is done only on the posed photos which would be the bride & groom session, bridal party, and family formals.


Now if you wake up on your wedding day with a nice little surprise on your forehead, don’t sweat it, I’ll fix it.


For moral reasons, I don’t and won’t augment bodies. You’re you, and you’re beautiful. However, sometimes something unflattering will pop out of the dress once in a while - but I’ll tuck that in for you, and you’ll never know. I think it’s better this way.


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When you receive your gallery link, I’ll have a little reminder for you to back them up. Digital photos can be dangerous because the storage devices we own have a finite lifespan. CDs and DVDs allegedly last only 10 years, flash drives will eventually die, hard drives crash and burn.


I highly suggest that once you download your photos, you make multiple copies in multiple places: burn a DVD if you still have a DVD burner, save onto multiple flash drives, and invest in some cloud storage like Dropbox.


I have a triple-safe backup system, and I still have my clients’ weddings and events from 2009. I save everything. Should you ever lose your photos, I can get them back to you. There’s a $50 retrieval fee since retrieving and delivering an entire wedding takes up tons of time.


For these reasons, I can’t stress enough the importance of purchasing an album. When our hardware dies, our tangible, physical albums will save the day. My album offerings have staying power and will be a great heirloom to pass onto your kids and grandkids.


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This depends on the time of year. If wedding season is in full swing, it could take between 3-6 weeks for digital delivery. If we’re in the off-season or my schedule is a little slower, I can digitally deliver within 1-2 weeks. No matter what though, I’ll be posting some teasers along the way.


For albums & Heirloom, assuming you follow my 3 easy steps AFTER digital delivery, the design process takes about a week, and your Heirloom and albums will take about a month to produce and ship, so 5 weeks after digital delivery.


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Yes I do. You have a few options here. You can get an exact duplicate - same layout, same album type for a heavily discounted price, or we can do a smaller album with the exact same layout for an even more discounted price.


If you need a different layout for his side and her side, then no discounts can be applied and you’ll have to spend full price for 2 more albums.


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No and sorta. You get to choose the photos for the album through your digital gallery. You also get to choose the front cover, back cover, opening photo, and closing photo. I like to design the title by creating a logo for you, so you also get to choose the logo design and text exactly how you want it. But that’s it.


Designing an album is a lot of work, and I want to make the process as easy for you as possible. If you’re invested in the layout, it’s gonna feel like work, and once you receive it, you’ll lose all appreciation for it.


I used to be a graphic designer in my 20s, and handle all of my own graphic design work as a photographer, so you can rest assured that I know what I’m doing. I go for very clean layouts that tell your wedding story from start to finish with all the elegance it deserves.


I also understand that you don’t want to see wasted space, so I use up as much real estate in the album without making it look crowded, junky, or cheesy. This will NOT look like your high school yearbook.


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Upon booking, an $800 deposit is due. The rest of the balance is due before or on the wedding day.


I know it’s such a pain to pay every vendor on the same day, and passing out envelopes at the end of the night is such a buzzkill, so I like to offer my clients monthly invoices with a minimum suggested amount. This is completely optional.


The minimum amount is what you would have to pay every month leading up to your wedding so that it’s all paid off. You can pay the minimum, pay more, pay less, or skip a month or three. I’m not bank, so I don’t charge interest, there’s no APR, no blah blah blah.


Just as long as it’s paid off before or on the wedding day, everything’s cool. If full payment isn’t received by the end of the wedding day, I’ll save and back up your photos, but I don’t start working on them until the balance is paid off.


Checks, cash, and Venmo are accepted. All prices you see include tax, and no, you can’t avoid tax by paying in cash - I’m legit.


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Nope. But not for the reasons you think.


Trends come and go each SEASON. I’m not going to give you dated photography. I keep up on trends because I have to, but I don’t imitate. I’ll take that trend and put my own spin on it in a way so that your photos remain classic in the literal sense of that word - meaning “won’t go out of style,” not to be confused with “classic” meaning “boring and safe.”


I don’t want to “see” your Pinterest board because I’d rather “hear” your idea, interpret it MY way, and give you something fresh instead.


I don’t bring or supply any props. If you feel like bringing props, I’m happy to incorporate them for a shot or two, but it’ll never be the focus - because the focus during these sessions is EMOTION. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a shiplap sign smile tenderly at a chalk board.


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